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Welcome to the Revival Library Website!

Home to the largest collection of digitised Revival and Pentecostal texts on the World Wide Web!

We have masses of Revival books and Pentecostal materials in the Library including histories, biographies and other resources to inspire, educate and motivate you to seek God with us for a mighty end-time Christian revival. Many of these resources can be accessed freely on this site.

We also have a number of Revival and CD collections available at the online shop, together with a new service - instantly downloadable and affordable Revival and Pentecostal books, some in Word and others in PDF format. We plan to add to these throughout 2011 making this the most comprehensive, inexpensive and accessible revival resource online today.

In addition we have included a number of downloadable classics on the ministry of healing, with biographies of healing evangelists as well as our regular CD collections of Evangelical Revivals, Pentecostal periodicals and collections of Pentecostal ministries like Smith Wigglesworth, J. A. Dowie and the 1950's healing evangelists.

We plan to add to the library each week so be sure to re-visit us regularly. Our purpose is to inspire you to seek God with us for a great end-time revival!

Tony Cauchi

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