General Histories of Revival

General HistoriesGenuine revivals have occurred in almost every age of the church era. They have been the major means that God has employed to rescue a weakened and backslidden church, restoring her to new levels of power and influence. God's remedy for an ailing church has always been revival. Seasons of refreshing from the presence of the Lord are God's way of energizing the church and advancing His cause. The bi-products of revival are immense: Churches come alive, Gospel preaching carries unusual power, missionary movements are born, holiness replaces worldliness, passion for prayer, bible study and worship consumes individuals and revival converts are usually persevering believers until their dying breath.

The greatest days of the Church have been the days of revival. Nothing can take its place. The best that man can do will never meet the need. Only as God comes upon the scene in revival power can the church see its destiny realised.

Each of the books in this selection of revival histories provides an overview of historical revivals. None of them are the same and all of them are full of treasure from our rich spiritual heritage.

Here are scenes from other eras, other cultures and other places. Some stories will shock you or surprise you – but all will whet your appetite for a fresh move of God in our day. They are all stories of ordinary people who were ignited by an extraordinary God and who were used to bring His kingdom to their world in their day.

In their stories you will find principles and practices which you ought to learn to ensure that you achieve something worthwhile for God where you are.

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  • Allen, William E. Open or Close
    The History of Revivals of Religion

    This booklet is quite small - just eighty two pages - but it is one of the best brief introductions to historical revival that has ever been produced.

    It covers the whole spread of historical revivals throughout history, then deals with the means of revival and the place of revival in world evangelisation.

  • Baker, Ernest Open or Close
    Revivals of the Bible

    Although many books deal with some Biblical revivals we have not found any work which is as comprehensive as this one by Baker.

    It contains twelve pictures of Revival from the Old Testament, and concludes with six lightening sketches of New Testament revivals.

  • Candler, Warren Open or Close
    Great Revivals and the Great Republic

    This book is review of American history from the perspective of the nation's experience of revival.

    It presents every major revival movement from the time of the early colonists to the days of Moody and Sankey. An excellent volume for an overview or introduction to American revivals.

  • Davis, George T. B. Open or Close
    When the Fire Fell

    This is a very useful and popular introduction to Revival. It has seven brief chapters and includes references to various Biblical and historic revivals and their leaders.

    It is written specifically to present an overview of revival and to inspire prayer and expectation of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in local churches.

  • Drew, Kate Open or Close

    God in Evidence

    Kate Drew has done an excellent job of presenting an overview of a medley of revivals between the years 1626 and 1924 ranging from well-known national movements like the Ulster revival, the ministry of individual revivalists like C. G. Finney and local church revivals like that experienced at Charlotte Street Baptist Church, Edinburgh under the ministry of Joseph Kemp.

    This is a little-known gem, ideal for introducing the subject of revival to those who have little knowledge of the great works of God in history. It has 27 short chapters but covers a whole spectrum of revivals across the ages.

  • Duncan, Mary Grey Lundie Open or Close

    The History of Revivals of Religion, Especially in the British Isles

    This book is an overview of revivals of England Ireland, Wales and Scotland from the earliest days to the 1830's.

    It is a very rare book which concentrates on British revivals many of which re-date the first graet awakening of the 1730's and 40's..

    It includes the ministries of Venn, Walker, Berridge, Grimshaw, Wesley and Whitefield in England; Owen, Harris Jones, Williams, Rowlands and Charles of Bala in Wales; Blair, Bedell and others in Ireland; Wishart, cooper, Welsh, Kennedy, Stewart, Bruce, Davidson etc in Scotland.

  • Humphrey, Heman Open or Close
    Revival Sketches and Manual in two parts.

    The writer of this great book divides his material into two parts: history and pastoral practices. The first section, consisting of seven chapters, deals with revival sketches throughout the ages. He covers most of the well known revivals but includes many American revivals that are rarely mentioned in other literature.

    In the second part he offers advice to pastors regarding handling evangelistic and revival meetings and counselling converts. An excellent well-written read, penned by someone who experienced revival first-hand.

  • Shearer, John Open or Close
    Old Time Revivals

    Old Time Revivals is an all-time favourite and has introduced many to the subject of Revival. It is a popular account of a variety of revivals through history and is ideal for those who are new to the subject.

    "These chapters on the story of Revival first appeared in The Christian and The Scottish Baptist Magazine. They are reprinted with the kind permission of the proprietors of those Journals."

  • Thompson, C. L. Open or Close
    Times of Refreshing

    The subtitle of this book well describes its contents, ‘A History Of American Revivals, With Their Philosophy And Methods.’ Written in 1877 it covers revivals that occurred in the ministries of George Whitefield, the Tennants, James McGready in the 1800 revival, Asahel Nettleton, Daniel Baker, Charles Finney, Edward Payson Hammond, the 1857-8 prayer revival and the Moody and Sankey campaigns.

  • Unknown Author Open or Close

    Narratives of Revivals of Religion in Scotland, Ireland and Wales

    This very rare 200 page volume includes chapters on a number of revivals that occurred in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. There are chapters on the revival in Ulster 1623-1641, at Stewarton in 1625, Shotts in 1630, Wales from 1640, various parts of Scotland during the Great Awakening of 1742, Skye and Kilsyth in 1812 and 1839 respectively.

    This is a brilliant book chronicling some generally unknown revivals in a lively and engaging first-hand style.

  • Waugh, Geoff Open or Close
    Revival Fire

    Geoff Waugh has been a missionary teacher in Papua New Guinea, leads short-term mission teams in many nations, especially the South Pacific, and has taught in theological college and currently at Christian Heritage College in Brisbane.

    This article provides a brief synopsis of the major revivals in 1) The Bible, 2) the 18th century and 3) the 19th century.

  • Young, Robert Open or Close
    Showers of Blessing

    Little is known about this book or its author save that Robert Young  was a Methodist minister who lived from 1796 - 1865.  The name Robert Young may lead some to conclude that this is the same as the splendid and laborious work entitled ‘Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Holy Bible,’ but the preface to that worthy volume was written and published in 1879, fourteen years after this Robert Young had passed away.

    Young explains his story in the preface, telling how he merely collected specimens of revival literature found in various Magazines, Reviews, Journals, Biographies, Pamphlets, and Manuscripts.

    It is a worthy addition to any Revival library designed to inspire faith and prayer for fresh showers of blessing in our day.

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