New Zealand's Greatest Revival – H. V. Roberts



From the preface:
‘The notes of the events recorded in this book have been lying about for many years, and it is only since the recent death of the beloved Evangelist that the writer has decided to put them in order and pass them on to all those who are interested in revival and in the wonderful work that God wrought in Poneke, (Maori for Wellington) the Capital City of New Zealand.

On reading, one cannot help but admit that the balmy breezes of Heaven’s highlands came blowing down in gale force and brought spiritual health to the thousands who attended the meetings.’

Smith Wigglesworth  always moved in healing power but his visit to New Zealand in 1922 was attended by an unprecedented wave of revival that reaped multitudes of converts and advanced the cause of Christ in that land.

We have included 4 of the 12 chapters.

Chapter I. How the Revival Came

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Romance is not a privilege only to the worldly. What had China to do with a revival in Ao-tea-roa (New Zealand)—the Land of the Long-White-Cloud?

Extract from ‘With Signs Following’ p. 220: “Mr J. Fullerton, a missionary of the China Inland Mission, was baptised with the Holy Spirit in a Pentecostal revival in Yunan, China. He was forced to sever connection with the mission he loved, and came out to trust the Lord entirely for his support. The Lord directed him to the province of Honan, where he built a chapel; but at the end of the first year he saw absolutely nothing for his labour. The second year was the same. He had toiled night and day and had taken nothing. One night there were just four Chinese seated in the chapel. None were converted: they were just a little interested. He went to the vestry and wept bitterly. He said “My Lord; two year’s labour and not a single soul!” On going back to the chapel he found another man had come in, who belonged to the “Tribes” people. The moment he saw this man Bro. Fullerton somehow felt God had influenced him to come. After the meeting the man came forward and said: “This is wonderful! I have never heard anything like this before.”

The following Sunday he was back bringing ten others with him. They all sat and listened most attentively. After service he invited the eleven to a meal, and over the table he explained more simply the Gospel. The next Sunday forty came, and in a remarkably short space of time he had the supreme joy of seeing NINE THOUSAND of this same tribe gathered to the Lord. Cartloads of idols were solemnly burned.

One night during prayer he was greatly impressed to pray for New Zealand, and it was revealed to him by the Spirit that God was about to pour out a Pentecostal effusion there. During his furlough to his own country, Denmark, he met Evangelist Smith-Wigglesworth who was returning from triumphant campaigns in other parts of the world. He then told him what God had revealed about New Zealand, and asked him if he had any leadings to visit New Zealand and Australia, and would he pray about it
The Evangelist did make it a matter of serious prayer, and found that God desired him to visit these countries.

Later he wrote Bro. Fullerton and said he had an appointment in California to keep, and he would connect from there with a boat for New Zealand.

Working on the dates given, Bro. Fullerton and his wife decided they would be in New Zealand in time to meet the Evangelist, and they arrived in April 1922. His planning unfortunately proved futile, as the Evangelist missed the steamer and came on by the following one, three weeks later. Bro. Fullerton was unable to remain away from his field any longer, and was reluctantly compelled to return to China ere the Evangelist arrived. Before leaving he made contact with Pastor H. Roberts (the Author’s father) who had been a regular contributor to Bro. Fullerton’s mission; and finding that the Pastor was a firm believer in Divine Healing as well as standing for fundamental Christianity, he asked him to make the necessary arrangements for introducing Smith Wiggles-worth to the New Zealand public. Pastor Roberts agreed to do this. He had long held and practised Divine Healing, and many remarkable cures under his ministry were known to us.

Converted under the English Evangelist Henry Varley, in 1889, he had been engaged for 33 years in aggressive Christian work— more especially in the open air—and prior to any knowledge of an Evangelist coming, Pastor Roberts had been greatly burdened for New Zealand. Knowing that revival could only come through prayer, he had started Prayer Circles in the different suburbs of Wellington; nine of these being in full swing right up to this time. A regular attender of these meetings remarked that they had had very powerful seasons of blessing, and Pastor Roberts firmly believed the coming of the Evangelist was a direct answer to importunity in prayer.

Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth was unknown to New Zealand. He came on his own charges, not knowing if anyone would meet him—a stranger in a strange land. There were no Churches to stand behind him.

No organisation to finance his campaign; BUT he was leaning on an Almighty Arm, FOR GOD WAS WITH HIM. He arrived at the end of May 1922.

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Chapter 2. How the Revival Began

“And He gave some . . . evangelists . . . for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”— (Ephesians 4: 11-12.)

With two Christian friends, Pastor Roberts engaged the large Town Hall — a real act of faith — and paid down part of a night’s rental £8 10s. What an undertaking! Smith Wigglesworth! Who was he, anyway? As much a nonentity evidently as the ones who were making the arrangements for him.

The minister of the Vivian Street Baptist Church, an eye-witness of the Welsh revival, very kindly gave the use of the Sunday School Hall for morning meetings, and the Evangelist began his campaign with a series of addresses on The Enduement of Power and The Gifts of the Spirit. When Pastor Roberts passed on a pamphlet descriptive of the meetings, the author handed it to his wife with the remark: “I suppose this is another of father’s cranky friends.” However we attended these meetings, and for the first time in our lives realised the mighty, yet fragrant working of the Spirit of God. We discovered that the Spirit was a real person — that He was promised to all believers — that we had the right to ask Him to come in and take up His abode in these temples of clay — that unless the Holy Spirit was abiding within, there could be no victory over sin. Our souls leaped with strong excitement at this wonderful revelation. Later we of course discovered this was ‘John Wesley’ theology. We felt there must be provision in the Word of God to enable one to gain the victory over sinful habits. Ten years of continuous failure had brought us to a zero experience. But here was man declaring boldly that there was a “better experience,” a “second blessing,” where God would “destroy sin in flesh,” when the “Old man would be crucified.” A place to be reached where “SIN WOULD NOT HAVE DOMINION OVER YOU.” We felt like those dying of thirst, when suddenly, streams of living waters were gushing out right before us.

“Gushing from the Rock before me,
Lo, a spring of joy I see.”

And all we had to do, was drink. Chords were touched in our hearts by the Living Spirit until we longed after God with an unutterable longing. We hungered and were athirst after righteousness. The author would go home and weep till a late hour, and this was the experience of many others.

The numbers at these morning meetings increased so rapidly that the main Church had to be opened, and this too was soon packed out. It was during one of these meetings that the phenomena of Tongues was heard for the first time. A Christian man had remarked to us that the Evangelist spoke in Tongues, but that had no significance as we were entirely ignorant of such a manifestation. Strange as it may seem, without ever hearing them spoken, or knowing anything about them at all, we were definitely AGAINST TONGUES. It is remarkable how quickly a man who KNOWS NOTHING can build up quite a mountain of prejudice against a matter. On listening, however, the prejudice soon disappeared, and we were greatly impressed with this remarkable and strange gift of the Spirit. As the interpretations came forth, the impression was rather awe-inspiring, and certainly the utterances were soundly scriptural.

Having a business at the time, the author asked his head typist to come to the meetings for the purpose of taking down shorthand notes of the addresses.

Morning by morning the meetings had deepened in power and this particular morning the Spirit of God was brooding over the place. There was a sense of awe in the Church, and the typist remarked that she felt a bit frightened. During the address the Evangelist suddenly burst into Tongues and then gave an interpretation. I said to my typist as the interpretation began, “take this down,” and a few moments later, “did you get that down?” She said: “I’m sorry, but everything went strange and I felt queer, I couldn’t lift my hand.” A little later another message was given, and I again made request, but the pencil had fallen from her hand and she was trembling like an aspen leaf. At the end of the meeting she responded to the Evangelist’s plea and accepted Christ as her Saviour.

Miraculous healings took place, as deformed and diseased children were prayed for. Many in the audience wept. A few adults— desperate cases—were ministered to. One gaunt consumptive, wan-faced man, who had been entirely given up as a hopeless case, was carried in, in a coma, but after prayer, arose full of vigour, and walked, with head up, out of the Church, healed!

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Chapter 3. Gathering Momentum

“Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.”—(Zech. 10: 1.)

For the evening meetings the Town Hall had been engaged. The first night, a Sunday, saw an audience of approximately 800. The next night this had increased to 1600. The third night the place, holding 3000, was full. From then on, for three weeks, crowds were turned away each night, unable to gain admission. It was quite a common sight to see the people hurrying along the streets, when as they came near the precincts of the Town Hall, they would begin to run. A strange presence seemed to pervade the very atmosphere. As they drew nearer the pace would increase. Two young men from the Brooklyn Baptists, ran all the way from Brooklyn, a distance of 2 1/2 miles.

One night at least a 1000 people could not gain admittance. A Salvation Army Officer who had come all the way from Brisbane to be in the revival, stood on the steps and preached to an outside audience. At least twenty decided for Christ, and several remarkable healings took place.

Many things impressed during these great meetings. It was apparent to all that the Spirit of God was working in a most powerful way through the Evangelist. There was a solemn tenseness that subdued all who entered.

His Messages.

The preaching was mainly on Divine healing: and whilst it was quite evident that the preacher was an illiterate man, yet an indescribable power filled him, and his preaching was not in the wisdom of man, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. A heavily-built man, he walked on to the platform with stately tread like a patriarch of old; one who knew God, and feared not man. He held his audiences spellbound as he poured out his heart, reciting stories of great victories; and these divinely inspired utterances he capped with some appropriate Scripture. In every case he gave the glory to his Lord, and as one Christian said: “the way he said ‘Jesus’ and exalted that Name, thrilled me through and through.”

His KEY WORDS were “ONLY BELIEVE”; and his ability to impart to his listeners the very substance of his themes was evidently a gift from God. It was easy to trust and believe God after he had spoken. The call was going forth again, “Have the faith of God.”

He also powerfully urged holiness of heart, and complete separation from the world, but dealt with these themes mainly in the morning meetings.

 The Singing.

A small booklet containing only eleven hymns with half a dozen choruses was issued. They all became favourites.

“And can it be that I should Gain”

“When Love shines in”

“Where He may lead me I will Go.”

and such singing was surely never heard before in New Zealand,, even with due respects to our old friend and songster Charles Alexander. The singing in the Torrey - Alexander; Chapman -Alexander; Henry - Potts meetings was splendid, but this was different. It was spontaneous and Spirit-filled, and those songs are still favourites in our meetings today.

Healing Results.

The question that will arise in many minds is “what results did the Evangelist have? And did the healings last?” As to the latter question, some are still testifying to their healing after a lapse of over twenty years.

The evidence of a newspaper reporter will dispose of any charge of bias. The “Dominion” 31/5/1922 reports:—

To heal the sick by Divine influence is no new claim, although to actually witness the process of cure being carried out in this work-a-day world has attracted big audiences to the Town Hall this week, a very large gathering being present at last night’s demonstration.

The Yorkshire evangelist, Mr Smith-Wigglesworth, is conducting the proceedings, and, except that he anoints with oil the real process of healing is carried out by faith itself. The evening commences with a religious service, including prayers and hymns, after which the demonstration of healing is given.

Last night about two hundred persons of both sexes presented themselves for treatment, but the evangelist was only able to deal with fifty of them, the other cases being postponed till tonight.

Those in search of relief comprised cripples (many of whom were able to throw away their crutches and sticks immediately); others, with goitre, rheumatism, partial blindness, deafness, and various forms of affliction. Quite a large percentage claimed that they were cured or relieved by the Divine faith poured into them by the evangelist.

To particularise: A woman of middle age, who was crippled with rheumatism, demonstrated her cure by walking across the flood; stutterers were almost instantly made to repeat the Lord’s Prayer without stuttering; young women with necks swollen with goitre professed to be cured, and certainly the swellings in some cases disappeared or were reduced in size; an old man of 80 years, partially blind, said his sight had been improved; and numbers afflicted with pains of one sort and another declared that they were freed from their sufferings. There were failure, of course, due, perhaps, to lack of faith, or possibly the sufferers were incurable. 

The Laying on of Hands.

The procedure at the healing ceremony is worth a little description. After the testimonies—and many of them rang with the spirit of real conviction—giving the experiences during the last 48 hours of those treated, Mr Wigglesworth descended to the main floor of the hall. There the sick, the halt, and the lame, who desired to be cured by Divine faith, were lined up. It was a curious scene. On the one side of the hall, close to the platform, was formed a rough sort of queue by the people who wished to invoke the healing power of the visitor, each holding a card in his or her hand, on which was inscribed the name of the person and the complaint he or she desired to be rid of.

Mr Wigglesworth, who has a plain, straightforward style, and is a man of middle age, and burly figure, stood there with his coat off ready to do his best.

A card is handed to a lady helper, who reads out the complaint. The lady patient is deaf and dumb. Mr Wigglesworth inserts his fingers lightly in her ears and closing his eyes, says: “O Lord, let the light of thy life enter this poor woman, and cast out the spirit of deafness and dumbness that she may hear and speak! Answer prayer, O Lord!” In the meantime an assistant has anointed the head of the applicant for relief, and he and another keep their hands on her shoulder, muttering prayers the while. Immediately afterwards Mr Wigglesworth looks the patient in the eyes, and shouted: “Open your mouth! Say ‘Jesus’!” And to the consternation of the lady’s friends a small voice said weakly, in a far-off tone, “Jesus!”

With bodily ills Mr Wigglesworth was more strenuous . . . Cases of bodily neuritis and rheumatism, he treated with great vigour. He rubbed ankles and legs praying the while that the Lord would relieve the sufferer, cast out all Satanic influences, and flood the person with “the light of His perfect life.” One old lady was wheeled on in a “pram.” She had not moved a limb for years it was said, but the healer got to work with wonderful vigour and
enthusiasm. He laid his hands on her head, stroked her forehead, and eyelids, and then passed his hands over her body and legs, praying fervently as he did so. After two minutes of this work, he said: “Now, move your legs!” And under the rug the old lady was seen to move her legs an inch or two.

“You will walk down to the meeting tomorrow evening and testify!” said Mr Wigglesworth, as he passed on to the next.

Then again, perhaps you have seen and not been puzzled, but, constantly troubled with it owing to a bad mend. “I’ve had several cases of this kind in Australia and have always been able to give relief. I want this man—before I approach him—to say tomorrow how he is—to tell you all how his pain has been removed!” With that, he pummelled the big man on crutches, prayed until he perspired, and then, as a final touch, he turned up the man’s trousers and rubbed the injured part vigorously. “Now walk away,” he said, and the man walked, smiling and confident, without his crutches.

And so it went on until fifty people had been treated and the healer was physically exhausted.


Mr D. O. McClay, a retired banker, and a Christian of many years standing, published the following article in the “Dominion” on July 1st, 1922:


Of course you don’t.

That is to say you don’t believe in what you have never seen. But perhaps you have seen and been puzzled as I have been.

Then again, perhaps you have seen and not been puzzled but, instead, have been converted. A good many have been converted in Wellington recently—Some went with open minds; some did not, but went to scoff—and remained to pray.

Whether you believe or whether you don’t believe, the subject of faith-healing is one of intense interest Witness the thousands who assembled here to hear and see Mr Smith-Wigglesworth at the Town Hall. The interest thus evidenced encouraged me to follow the matter up a little.

First of all, it is plain that some of those who presented themselves for healing were not healed. Some say they were benefited. Some claim they were cured of their ills. It is with those who claim to have been cured that I am, for the moment, concerned. I have before me a number of affidavits. They are the affidavits of Wellington citizens who presented themselves for healing before Mr Smith-Wigglesworth on his recent visit here. The affidavits are genuine, they were sworn before Mr C. A. Baker, J.P., and theyspeak for themselves. Not having the authority to publish names I have omitted them, but the originals were left for inspection at “The Dominion” office as a guarantee of their genuineness. Here are extracts from some of them:

Mr ——, of Wellington, dairyman, declared that for three years he suffered from chronic gastritis and paralysis of both legs from hips downwards and could only drag along with crutches, caused by some spinal misery and drudgery. “On Sunday, the 4th June,” he proceeds, “I attended the Town Hall on crutches; I saw others being healed and believed that God would heal me. I went forward, Mr Wigglesworth laid his hands on me, one of the workers anointed me with oil, Mr Wigglesworth told me to walk. I handed him my crutches and walked home. I felt as the healing came, as if a tight pair of stockings were being removed from my legs”. I have been improving in health ever since the 4th June. For 14 years I have had a cyst on the back of my neck and have often spoken to the doctors about removing it. They did not seem anxious to cut it. The cyst increased in size till it was as large as an ordinary hen’s egg. The next morning, after my healing, when I awoke, I found that the cyst had completely disappeared.

“Declared at Wellington this 20th day of June, 1922.”

Mrs —— declares that over three years ago the varicose veins in her leg broke. “I was twice in the hospital,” she adds. “The rest the hospital did the leg good, but when I came out and used the leg the veins burst open. The last time at the hospital, the doctor cut the veins out of the inside of the leg; an ulcer formed on the outside of the left leg. I had to walk with a stick, and could only limp. The pain was intense. I went to the Town Hall. Mr Smith Wigglesworth prayed over me, I had faith that Jesus would heal me. The pain ceased and has not returned, I was able to drop my stick and I ran up to tell my mother I was healed and again able to catch the car. Now my leg is sound and well and the ulcer is daily healing and I praise God for his goodness to me. Now I am able to wash and do my own house work. Before, I had always to have help with the house work.

“Declared at Wellington this day, 23rd June, 1922.”

Mrs. ——, of Wellington, declares that her son Ronald (aged 11 years) broke his arm about 5 years ago. It was badly set and was a trifle shorter than the other, and he could not bend the arm back. She took the boy to the Town Hall, and now her boy’s arms are both the same length and the arm that was broken will now bend right back, and he can touch his shoulder. Previous to this she had his arm massaged for fully twelve months without any benefit. This lady declares that her daughter Mavis, who suffered from adenoids, was also completely healed and has no trouble with her breathing since. This declaration was made on June 20.

Miss —— declares that for fourteen years she suffered with her eyes—the right eye was turned right in and she always wore glasses to correct the sight. Dr —— said she would always require to wear them: “I went to the Town Hall,” she adds, “the second Sunday of the Mission, the 4th June. I had been several times previously to carefully note the proceedings. I have been a Christian since I was 9 years old and was sure that Christ would heal my sight. Mr Wigglesworth placed his hands on my eyes and at once the right eye was straight. I did not again put on my glasses and each day the sight became stronger and now my eyes are both strong and my sight is splendid.”

“Declared at Wellington, this 21st day of June.”

There are several other affidavits of a similar nature, but space will not permit of their publication.

The reader can see for himself or herself what those who regard themselves as cured think of faith-healing. A thing worth noting is the date of the treatment and the date of the affidavit. This indicates the length of time the patients have had to judge of the effects of the treatment.

Now what do you think of it?

We are back where we started. Do you believe in Faith Healing? or are you still in the ranks of the sceptics; or are you puzzled and looking for more light?

The healing results of the Campaign were very remarkable; and taking the scores of written testimonies received it would not be an exaggeration to say that at least seventy-five per cent of those who came forward were definitely healed.

Handkerchiefs to be prayed over for those unable to come, or who lived in country districts, came in literally by the hundred. The news of what was happening spread all over the Dominion. Many extraordinary miracles happened. A Miss Chapman was healed of double goitre. Another young girl, with chronic hip-disease, and who was medically treated for years, unsuccessfully; after an anointed handkerchief was placed on her body, dreamt that a gigantic dove came through the open window into her room, and pulled at her thigh. On awakening in the morning she found her hip completely healed. The author examined this case several years afterwards, and can confirm the miraculous healing. Mr F. Willoughby of Palmerston North stated that his boy was healed of sugar diabetes, and four months afterwards wrote, “the lad is perfectly free from all trace. Had two doctors examine him. I do thank God for His healing power.”

Can anyone doubt after reading these remarkable testimonies that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever?

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Chapter 4. Wonderful Scenes

“And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God.”—(Luke 9: 43).

FOLLOWING the opening Campaign at Wellington, the Evangelist, accompanied by Pastor Roberts, went to the South Island and had blessed results at Christchurch, Dunedin and Blenheim. On his return to Wellington further meetings were held, and the same revival power was in evidence.

The following is a copy of the Advertisement appearing in the “Evening Post” on 1st July 1922.


Sunday Morning, 2nd July, 10.30.     Breaking of Bread for All.
Sunday Evening, 2nd July, 6.30.        Converts specially invited.

Monday Morning, 3rd July, 10.30.
Monday Evening, 3rd July, 7.30.

Tuesday Morning, 4th July, 10.30.
Tuesday Evening, 4th July, 7.30.
Wednesday Morning, 5th July, 10.30.

Wednesday Evening, 5th July, 7.30.
Thusrday Morning, 6th July, 10.30.
Thursday Evening, 6th July, 7.30.

Sunday Morning, 9th July, 10.30. Sunday Evening, 9th July, 6.30.
Monday Morning, 10th July, 10.30. Monday Evening, 10th July, 7.30.

Only 50 tickets for sick persons will be issued daily. These may be procured at the doors: Sundays 5.30 pm.; Week Days 6.30 p.m.
Handkerchiefs must have names clearly marked on, and in case of those out of town, to be accompanied with addressed and stamped envelopes Unclaimed handkerchiefs at Harris, 3 Ellice-av. Send stamp, or call evenings, giving particulars.
H. ROBERTS, Hon. Sec.

The large Church in Taranaki Street, seating 1200, was quickly packed out, and crowds were turned away. Three policemen were in attendance. Thursday night the 6th July was an unforgettable display of the power of the Living God. After the address, an invitation was given for the sick to come forward for prayer. Hundreds rushed forward so quickly that the Evangelist was hemmed in, and was quite unable to minister. How vividly the incident reminded us of the instance recorded hi Mark 3: 10 “For He had healed many; insomuch that they pressed on Him for to touch Him.”

A clearance was made; the first case was that of a tram motor-man from Brooklyn, very well known to us. His foot had been severely crushed. It was heavily bandaged, and he was on two crutches. He said the pain left his foot as soon as he was prayed for. “Walk then!” said the Evangelist; but he put the injured foot forward so gingerly several times that a push was given to help him. Down went his foot, and he walked out perfectly healed. Several—the author included, whose home was at Brooklyn, followed him all the way to Brooklyn—two miles away and all uphill—and mind you this; his crutches had been left behind at the Church. No wonder some who saw this miracle right before their own eyes shouted “Hallelujah.” We could now say:

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have SEEN WITH OUR EYES, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled of the word of life. For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness . . .”—(I John 1: 1-2).

Such wonderful healings now took place right before the audience, that the other sick folk, seeing the waters ‘troubled’ pressed on the one ministering so hard that he was held against the base of the pulpit and was unable to move. The three policemen in attendance, seeing his predicament, came to the rescue, and made a proper arrangement for the ministry to proceed. The vestry was opened, and with a policeman at each door, the sick were lined up and came in one by one to the vestry. The author had slipped in and saw miracle after miracle performed, until it seemed as though we were back in the days of Christ The place was simply charged with an omnipotent Presence, and we were all atremble.

One man, whose card read stone deaf, ten years, clapped his hands to his ears the moment he was prayed for, and said: “O the noise is terrific.” The noise was only the murmerings of the people in the Church. Whispering to him, “can you really hear?” he said, “every word, perfectly.”

The most remarkable and startling case was that of a boy aged eleven years. His father had carried him on his hip to the meeting. He had never walked. Infantile paralysis had so crippled him that his legs were too frail to support him; they were crossed and withered, and bent “Sit him down” was the order given: and then, “In the Name of Jesus Christ stand up.” It was utterly staggering to see those thin useless legs, now thrilling with resurrection life, begin to exert themselves. First they gradually untangled, and then with the help of his hands, he stood up. His father helped him up; ours were all trembling and nearly let us down. “Now walk, in Jesus’ Name.” It may be declared impossible, but those match-sticks worked. The knees unlocked and with a swinging motion he walked. To one end of the vestry; back again; down again, and then back. But the father? Well he wept and trembled, and laughed and shouted. Oh! it was joy to behold him; and to watch the happy pair walk out was a sight never to be forgotten. 

O in what divers pains they met! O with what joy they went away!

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