Atomic Power with God through Fasting and Prayer – Franklin Hall



In 1946-1947 a great movement of fasting and prayer was spawned, first in America and then the rest of the world. Franklin Hall’s book ‘Atomic Power With God Through Fasting and Prayer’ was the spark that ignited the hearts of thousands to go on extended fasts,  to seek God for revival and the restoration of spiritual gifts to the church. Many went on 40-day fasts.

In 1947-1952 the great healing revival broke out through the ministries of William Branham, Oral Roberts, T. L. Osborne and a host of others who began to experience gifts of the Holy Spirit. They began to see extraordinary miracles in their ministries and thousands were converted and healed. Most of these itinerant evangelists followed Hall’s practice of fasting.

In 1948 the “Latter Rain” outpouring visited North Battleford, Canada, and swept into the United States. The leaders all agreed that it was after reading ‘Atomic Power’ that they entered a season of the “grace of fasting” which, after three months, resulted in a powerful outpouring of the Spirit restoring spiritual gifts and ministries to the church. It also led them into employing the ‘laying on of hands’ for healing and for imparting the gift of the Holy Spirit.  The truth of fasting with prayer was a major catalyst in this revival.

We have included 4 of the 11 chapters.

Chapter I. Atomic Power with God

Fear and hatred stalk the world today. No one knows to what use men will put the newly discovered force of atomic energy. Many other devices of power would bring to pass the signs preceding the second coming of Christ as foretold in Luke 21:26: “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” And the cause of it all is the sad fact that man’s spiritual development has lagged far behind his scientific development, with his many inventions and discoveries of the physical forces of nature.
Spiritually and emotionally, mankind as a whole is not far removed from the jungles, and is therefore, incapable of handling the forces of nature that science has unleashed. Physical power, sufficient to disintegrate the entire world, is at the fingertips of a few, but there has been almost no development of spiritual power to control it. We have been wandering in the wilderness.
This spiritual power is actually within the reach of all followers of Christ. It is not so much that it has been forgotten, but rather that it has never been taught and learned. “The message of the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation.” Rom. 1:16. But we have overlooked a certain fundamental part of the Gospel message.
The writer shall endeavor to present a spiritual atomic power far greater than the physical force of all the atoms in the universe. Jesus Christ has made this power available to all His people, who will follow His Gospel pattern.

In 1848 A.D. the Aquarian Age was introduced to the world. The era of invention began and the machine came into being, along with the age of SPEED. Space and time began to shrink with the modern automobile, steam engine, and airplane. Distance ceased to be a barrier. More progress in scientific achievement was made in two generations than had been accomplished in the preceding two thousand years.

What about spiritual power? Except for a sprinkling here and there of the power of the Holy Spirit, scientific achievement has far out-distanced man’s gains in things of the Spirit.

In the natural we have the automobile to speed us on our way. We have the steam engine shortening distance and also the airplane making distance no longer a barrier, etc. Radar and television bring distant objects nearer.

Surely if man’s scientific achievement has increased in momentum, there must also be something to be found somewhere in the Word of God that will accelerate his SPIRITUAL PROGRESS. Like most scriptural truths, there is something; but only the wise shall understand it. The seemingly insignificance and misunderstanding may have been cause for its neglect. This latent power is FASTING AND PRAYER. This is a prayer that is prayed under the influence of fasting. Our spiritual progress will be like supersonic speed.

Thank God there is something which makes for Spiritual progress that is more scientific than anything man has accomplished to date, and which accomplishes wonders for our Spiritual welfare in a very short time. Without this knowledge, this goal might not be attained for many years, or perhaps NEVER. That something is FASTING AND PRAYER.

Our ultimate aim and desire should be the EXALTING OF JESUS CHRIST and the GLORIFYING OF HIM. Without prayer and fasting every Christian will more or less mark time and fail in their purpose. The most successful and the quickest method is through PRAYER AND FASTING; this pleases Jesus and in pleasing HIM we are availing ourselves of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES. “Delight thyself in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Ps. 37:4.

FASTING AND PRAYER make it far easier to DELIGHT OURSELVES IN THE LORD, it will give us the light ON THIS POWER. SPACE AND TIME TO GOD WILL SHRINK AND DISTANCE WILL CEASE TO BE, when one receives the potential light and puts it into practice.

If, as many believe, the unleashing of atomic energy is the prelude to the end of the earth, and if the seal judgments, the trumpet judgments, and the vial judgments of Revelation will soon be upon us, then the few who know and experience the saving power of God will do well to protect themselves against the day of His wrath, by a last great awakening through fasting and prayer. It will be the beginning of a new age for good, if the power of the Spirit is developed to a high degree by many through the use of the most powerful agent known to man, fasting and prayer. Without fasting, prayer becomes ineffectual. Fasting restores and amplifies prayer power.

A twenty-one, or forty-day prayer and fast will most assuredly hasten the Christian to such a deep and wonderful experience with God that twenty-one days will equal twenty-one years. Forty days will equal forty years. Experience shows that the forty-day period brings far greater results than a shorter time. It will bring one closer to God more quickly than any other way known.

Like the doctrine of divine healing, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, etc., the truth of fasting has been sadly neglected. Many other forgotten Bible truths have been temporarily lost, only to be revived again in these “latter days” of this dispensation, the transition period between this and the millennial dispensation. The truth of fasting is being revealed to us now that we may secure the greater things of God, that we may receive the gifts of the Spirit and that a mighty world-wide revival of spiritual power will sweep over the world, with major signs and miracles in these last days. Fasting is the most potent power of the universe, and is placed at the disposal of every believer. A transformation in the body of Christ will begin, as Christians fast and pray.

The practice of fasting is as old as humanity. More than two thousand years ago, fasting was a custom advocated by the school of the natural philosopher, Asclepiades, for curative purposes. The Roman historian, Plutarch, said, “Instead of using medicine, fast a day.” Traces of ancient fasting are to be found in ancient Chinese and Hindu writings, The Indians also practiced it. It was used for religious purposes, as well as a method of restoring health. In the olden days they recognized the value of a fast, but today people look on fasting as a certain way to the grave. When a person speaks of fasting ten days, twenty-one days or more, many think it something horrible. It is through a lack of definite knowledge on the part of many, that this subject is so much misunderstood.

Fasting is a CORNERSTONE of the Christian religion, yet there is seldom, if ever, a complete sermon on the subject. Moreover, it is an important, basic truth of the Bible; yet we so often overlook its value. So important is fasting in the Mohammedan religion, that they claim it to be one of the four pillars of the Mohammedan faith. This explains one of the reasons why there is more fervor and zeal in their religion, than in the Catholic or Protestant religions. Many Mohammedans take a thirty-day fast every year. Fervor and zeal are definitely a result of the fast. This is sadly lacking in our church of today. Fasting is mentioned in the Scriptures approximately one-third as much as prayer, yet our present day church member places it insignificantly in the background.

If Christians realized what great power and blessings they are missing, they would be only too eager and happy to fast. One of the reasons Satan cheats them out of this glorious experience, is through the misunderstanding and confusion that is so generally prevalent in regard to fasting.

Here is a testimony of a certain man who fasted fourteen days in one of my meetings. This was in 1945, when the world-wide fasting crusade was first launched. 


“On the thirty-first day of December, 1945, after hearing Rev. Franklin Hall on some enlightening teaching on fasting, I started a consecration fast. I partook of no food during the entire fast of fourteen days. Water was taken for the purpose of cleaning out the system. I was a heavy smoker, and it seemed impossible to give it up, but on the third day of the fast I had no further desire for smoking. On the fourth day of the fast, hunger left me entirely. A little later all weakness left; and to my surprise I began feeling better and stronger day by day. I could pray more earnestly, and with greater results. Several days later, I received the glorious baptism of the Holy Ghost. I kept busy with my work which was not heavy. The fasting did not bother me much. What Brother Hall tells you about fasting is true, in our new spiritual consciousness our eyes are opened to discern the true nature of our former natural environment. And it worked out just that way in my life. It was a glorious experience.

“When I began the fast, I weighed one hundred and forty pounds. This was twenty-nine pounds underweight. At the conclusion of the fast, fourteen days later, I had lost sixteen pounds, for I weighed a hundred and twenty-four pounds. Sixty days later I had not only regained the lost weight, but also gained twenty-nine pounds more, which was exactly what a man of my age should weigh, to the pound, that is, one hundred and sixty-nine pounds.

Everyone told me that I looked better than they had ever seen me look, and I do feel better than I have felt for twenty years. All of my nervousness is gone, and I have better complexion, and best of all, I have received the Holy Ghost, and have a much deeper experience with the Lord.

“My fast was shorter than many of the other brothers and sisters, but some day I hope to take a forty-day fast, as it certainly was a glorious experience to fast fourteen days. People do not know what they are missing.”

Charles Wilson - San Diego, California. 

When we speak of “ATOMIC POWER WITH GOD” we are using a term expressing something GREAT, and “Atomic Power” is as good an expression as we could possibly find to fill the bill. We are not exaggerating in the least when we compare “FASTING AND PRAYING” with the power of the atomic bomb, because, to the Christian, fasting will truly bring atomic spiritual power.  


Robert deVore in Collier’s, quotes some of the figures released by the mission of investigation in Japan, on the atomic bomb. (The Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs probably detonated at about 1800 feet altitude.)

“At 2,500 feet from point of impact—if bomb had reached earth—NOT from the point of explosion, 1,800 feet above, which would be farther— the pressure exerted was approximately SIX TONS TO THE SQUARE FOOT.

 “At 4,200 feet, the pressure was a little more than ONE TON PER SQUARE FOOT.

“The first pressure noted above, is equivalent to a gale force of wind at 150 miles per hour, multiplied by 133, which equals the pressure of a wind blowing 20,000 miles per hour.

“The second pressure noted, is equivalent to 24 times the pressure of a 150-mile gale. Equals pressure of a 3, 600-mile-per-hour hurricane.

“These enormous pressures are not wholly instantaneous, but are slightly delayed in their application, giving the water time to partially yield, and hence build up enormous wave effects. A vast, cone-shaped vortex is created, with a terrific “out-thrust,” and subsequent return, of the displaced waters. No one can possibly calculate the true extent of this effect, but some physicists have stated that a wave of great height will be created.

“Consider the effect on water of the temperatures developed. The temperature of the atomic ‘SUN’ is estimated at FOUR MILLION DEGREES Fahrenheit. Combustible materials of all kinds will burn at 1.4 miles distance. The ground temperature below the burst (at 1,800 feet altitude) was certainly more than 1,500 degrees Centigrade. WATER WAS INSTANTLY VAPORIZED,” says DeVore. “Forests were scorched at 8,000 feet distance. All these facts point to the instantaneous vaporization of MILLIONS OF TONS OF WATER, to be thrown far into the upper atmosphere, and thence precipitated in torrential rains in distant parts of the world.”

“This isn’t a bomb at all,” says General Farrell.

“These are the Fires of the Universe,” says physicist Walter Graham.

This is the GREAT NATURAL POWER that man has discovered.

But greater still, and more potent, is the spiritual atomic power with God that lies available to every Christian. The scientist can now use and harness the power of the material atom, but the Christian can use and harness the dynamic power of the great Creator of the atom. As the Creator is greater than that which He has created, so is the power wielded by the Christian, through fasting and prayer, greater than that wielded by the atomic scientist. It is the purpose of this volume to show the Christian a sure method, whereby he may obtain this mighty power, and may be able to move the omnipotent hand of God. This will be our spiritual, atomic jet-propulsion power.

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Chapter II. What is fasting?

Let us see what the word fast means. I believe misunderstanding here causes much of our trouble about the subject of fasting. It is here that Satan deceives the average Christian.
Webster’s, and also the Bible Dictionary, define fasting as, “abstinence from food. Especially as a religious observance.” (FAST: “To abstain from food.”). Now what does Webster say about water, as a food; or we may ask the question, “Is water food?”
First, we will consider Webster’s definition of food, and it reads as follows: “Food: nutriment; nourishment in solid form.”
Food and water-drinking are two different things. To do without water results in thirsting, and thirsting means, “a great desire to drink.” Fasting will be understood better if we recognize these facts. One should not associate abstinence from water, with the subject of fasting; thus, we see the contradistinction between food and water.

The confusion that exists in the mind of the Christian, who believes that he is not to drink water in a fast, MUST be overcome. This has prevented many people from fasting over a period of several days. Therefore they have been deprived of some of the very greatest blessings.

We will describe the protracted fast, or a “Complete Fast.” We are dealing with the type of fast taken by the Lord Jesus Christ. A fast like that of Paul, or Daniel: “Bible Fast.” A complete fast is a fast from the time hunger leaves, until the time hunger returns. Such a fast may continue from twenty-one to forty days, depending on the individual, and also on the amount of time it takes you to get your prayers through to Heaven.

Fasting and Starvation are also two entirely different things. 


To take a fast of this particular type, one must of necessity drink water. It is absurd for people to think about fasting and prayer without drinking water. Those who do this, do it in ignorance, and should be corrected by some constructive teaching. However, one may attempt a fast of a few days without drinking water, and find these facts to be immaterial.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and to attempt a major fast without water would defile and pollute the body. Scripture states: “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy.” I Cor. 3:17.

Instructions are given by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 6:16-18) that “when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; that thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father, which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.” Washing the face is a sign of cleanliness. If it is good to wash your face to keep the toxic stains from face and body (washing being a type of cleanliness before God), then how much more logical it is to put water in your mouth, to clean out the corruption in the stomach. The stomach becomes deflated, collapsed, and depressed, when water is withheld long enough, and a person gets into bad shape. Without water, when fasting, the system will choke up, and the body becomes filthy, internally. The tongue, which is the upper part of the stomach, becomes heavily coated when fasting, showing visibly a part of the pollution that is in the stomach. Some doctors maintain that some food particles remain in the intestinal tract for more than a month, until putrefaction is worse than any garbage pail.

For the first few days of the fast, the stomach, tongue, and body, become heavily laden with the corruption that is trying to loosen itself. These particles that have remained in the stomach unassimilated, with other fecal matter, require a great deal of water to break them down and help soften this material so that it can be eliminated. Cramps, displeasure, misery, and other discomforts, are frequently experienced during this initial period. Water aids in the loosening and softening of this fecal matter without which the corruption will harden; the worms and bugs, which are nearly always present to some extent, will dry up on the intestines, the tongue will eventually thicken, and if the thirsting fast is prolonged, the individual will die, unless the Lord intervenes.

 Paul knew the difference between ‘thirsting” and “fasting.” He distinguishes them in II Cor. 11:27, “in hunger and thirst, IN FASTINGS OFTEN.” If “hunger and thirst” were the same thing as “fasting,” he would not have repeated the same thing, any more than “cold” and “nakedness” are the same. Please note that a comma is inserted between each phrase. Paul was also educated.

A person should not only recognize the value of the fast, but whether your fast continues ten days, two weeks, forty days, or longer, your bowels should move every few days. If a person does not drink water while the fast is in progress, how can these channels of elimination function properly? The drinking of water will continue the process of cleaning while the fast continues. If the bowels do not move, please do not worry; there is no cause for alarm. Some folks’ bowels do not move at all during the entire fast.

The drinking of water does not prevent one from drawing closer to God. Water is pure, and is a type of Salvation, and of the Holy Spirit. (John 4:14.) Water, unlike corruptible food, evaporates into the atmosphere, while food goes back to the earth. Water is not stimulating, while food is. Food feeds the appetites of carnality; water does not.

When an individual fasts, his pores become laden with toxins, especially his hands and face, therefore, he should bathe externally as often as possible.

In about two weeks, more or less, the average individual will have most of the wastes, poisons, toxins, fecal materials, etc., eliminated. That is, unless this individual has a deep-seated functional ailment. Even if this be the case, this should be relieved and healed if the fast is continued.

It is quite evident that Jesus took water while fasting forty days. There are four things that bear evidence in this regard. Shall we study our Lord’s fast?

1.      Matthew 4:2-11: “When he had fasted.” We pointed that the definition of fasting does not exclude water drinking, and it does not mention that Jesus thirsted forty days, in the Scriptures. It is called a fast, and not a thirst.

2.      “He was afterward an hungered.” It does not say that He afterward thirsted. When a person does without both food and drink, water means far more to him than food. A man can go days without food, but this same individual can go but a very short time without water. Especially is this true in a hot and torrid climate.

It seems very evident that Jesus did drink water. For at the time of the feeding the 4,000 (Mark 8:3), bread and fishes were offered after they had been fasting for three days, and Jesus, according to Scripture, did not offer them water, because they had no need of it. Water was available in the springs and brooks nearby.

3.      Satan knew that He wasn’t thirsty, because he did not tempt Him with water. He said, “Command that these stones be made bread.”

4.      The answer that the Son of God gave to Satan is very evident. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” This seems to prove that He had partaken of water, for we must notice, in this connection, the failure to mention water.

You may ask if the fast that Jesus took was a supernatural one. No, this fast was not in any way a supernatural fast, for fasting is not supernatural, whether it is done by our Lord, or by the ones for whose salvation He paid the great price. “FASTING IS A SCIENCE.” Anyone can fast for long periods of time, but only the Christian can expect supernatural results. The fast of Jesus can be said to be natural, on the ground that after His fast, He hungered. The natural hunger that had left his body for a time, returned again. This is true in any fast, if the fast is prolonged to its normal completion, when true hunger returns.

Critics, who say that only Jesus could fast forty days, and that no one else can do so, are condemning something they know nothing about. They are in need of trying a fast themselves, then they would realize with a great awakening, the value of fasting.

The argument is brought to us that Moses fasted forty days. Please tell me what Scripture states this? In Exodus 34:28-29, we read, “And he was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water.” This abstinence was not called FASTING HERE, as failing to drink water is outside the meaning of the word. Why change the meaning of the word FASTING? On the mount, Moses was “there with the Lord for forty days”—this explains why Moses did not drink water—he was with the Lord, literally with the Lord. I am certain that if we were allowed to stand in His presence and be with God, we would neither have to eat, drink, or breathe, whether we were with Him forty days, or forty years. Actually the Lord Himself is our Food, Drink and Sustainer. This was true with Moses, because (Vs. 29) —”The skin of his face shone while he talked with Him.” The children of Israel were actually afraid of Moses. For he had received supernatural radiation that was far more real than food and drink. He had to veil his face to talk to them. When Moses died, he had the strength and constitution of a young man: “His eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.” Deut. 34:7.

The world’s largest alligator farm is in Los Angeles. Almost 2000 alligators are in captivity. Upon a recent visit, I learned that the creatures enter into a suspended animation for six months out of every year. They do not eat, drink or even breathe for six months out of the year. When it gets warm, they come out of their “anti-world” environment and gradually break into eating again. They have learned the art of eating, drinking and breathing that is incomparable to anything we humans can do. This suspended animation may be comparable to Moses’ forty-day food-abstention without both food and water.

If any person fasts without taking water, and he can do so if he wishes, I must say, “Amen.” However, any person can take short fasts of several days only, without water, as well as food, and still receive spiritual benefits for their sacrifice. See Esther 4:16, “Fast ye for me and neither eat nor drink three days.”

Doing without food will give you that spiritual uplift and power, with or without water. This has been proven many times. This fact is true in the fast of a few days, but we are now dealing with the long fast, which will give one power to do mighty things, seemingly the impossible, the fast that will break down denominational barriers and restore the body of Christ to its place of power and into the unity of the faith.

Dr. Tanner, who fasted over forty days on three occasions, declared that in the second half of each of the three fasts, the unspeakable glories of the world beyond were revealed to him. Dr. Tanner lived to be ninety-two years of age, and gave credit to fasting for his longevity of life. In Dr. Tanners’ day they ridiculed Christ’s fast, saying, “nobody could fast that long.” Dr. Tanner challenged them. His first fast lasted over forty days, and was under observation by his disbelievers. He was weighed and checked daily; thus he broke down the ridicule of fasting in his time. Dr. Tanner was a physician as well as a Christian. His first fast was so glorious; BLACK HAIR REPLACES that later on he took additional fasts of over forty days. After his last fast a crop of new black hair appeared in place of the gray hair.

Luther fasted for days at a time, while translating the Bible, and herein undoubtedly lies the secret of his unrivaled translation, and it is also responsible for bringing the reformation revival of his time. His great faith was likewise largely through the revelation of God’s presence, which is revealed through PRAYER AND FASTING. Thank God for men that get a vision, who will go all out. 


“And they tempted God in their heart by asking meat for their lust. Yea, they spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” God at first did not readily give them food as they did not actually need it. This food was wanted to satisfy an appetite of LUST which is habit hunger.

God did, however, give them “angel’s food” and “sent them meat to the full. He gave them their own desire.” And they were destroyed. “He gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul.” See Ps. 78:29-34.

A close study of the Scriptures will show clearly that sin is sin. The partaking of an over-amount of food is classed in the category of sin, because the same damage is done to the body, as by alcohol, tobacco, dope, etc. This fact is also emphasized by Jesus Christ when He was tempted by Satan for forty days. He was tempted to command the stones to become food. Jesus’ answer was very effective, “MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE, BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD.” See Deut. 8:3 and Matt. 4:4. Again Jesus shows what value the world will place on food when “The Son of Man cometh. For as in the days that were before the flood, they were EATING AND DRINKING. So shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.” Jesus is not criticizing the eating to live. But He is greatly condemning the “living to eat,” that is so prevalent everywhere. It is a sign of the last days. The sign that tells us that the coming of our Lord draweth nigh. In Matt. 24:37, 38, and Luke 21:34, eating is placed ahead of drinking.

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Chapter III. The Background for Revival.


To see our loved ones saved, souls converted and a sweeping revival come in our midst; to have God work miracles, and heal our diseases, and pour out His Holy Spirit, we must start a fast and prayer in the home. “LORD, let it begin in me!” Even if you are the only converted member of the family, you can get hold of God in such a way, by FASTING AND PRAYER that Jesus, seeing your fervor and zeal developing the faith for the salvation of your loved ones, will most certainly hear your prayer and convert them. Many times a person has done this, and not only were the loved ones converted, but the Lord so rewarded them that an “old-fashioned” revival swept the whole community, saving, healing, and blessing mightily with the Spirit. 

In 1932 the Holy Spirit led the author into his first revival meeting. He knew only three families in the Oklahoma oil town, Nowata. One of these families believed and practiced fasting and prayer. Together we prayed and fasted ahead of time for the meeting that we knew God was going to give us. The foundation was properly laid for a revival, and a revival we certainly did have. There was no building big enough to take care of the crowd, so we secured three acres of ground and had an open air meeting (this was in July). People packed the place from the first service. We kept building seats, and the crowd continued to increase every evening. People gathered from all over Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas for the meetings. Scores of people were healed of all types of afflictions. One lady, who had been in a car wreck with broken ribs, was carried to the services on pillows; she was instantly healed. A deaf and dumb boy was enabled to hear and speak. A man who could not lift his arm, and had been paralyzed, was healed of his paralysis and was able to lift his arm. Many more received notable healings. Folks were under the power of His Spirit. Many were baptized.

Within three months from the time we started the meeting, we built a church, and got it paid for, so that the people could continue to have a place to worship in truth and in Spirit. ALL OF THESE RESULTS WERE TRACED DIRECTLY TO PRAYER AND FASTING. My brother assisted me in the meeting. The church is still progressing for the glory of God to this day.


If church leaders and parents, the heads of churches and homes, do not live up to ‘the faith which was once delivered unto the saints,” how can we expect our children to be saved? FASTING WAS AS SURELY A PART OF THE FAITH that was once delivered unto the saints as anything else. Fasting is one of the great foundation piers of the Christian religion. The structure of the Christian religion is built upon the vital truth of prayer and fasting. It was a vital part of the early church. Therefore, the great results that accompanied it were seen in those early days.

The lack of fasting explains the great “falling away,” the “losing their first love,” because man cares more for his “desire-nature,” than for the fortification of his soul. People have failed to follow the complete pattern of the faith formula of Christ, given in Matthew, chapter seventeen, or Mark 9:29. They not only failed to have power to do the impossible, but after the days of the apostles the church became powerless, and eventually began to say that the days of healing were over; that the miracles were not for them anymore; the Holy Spirit, after the Bible pattern, was forsaken, and the power of the apostolic age was lost. Many splits soon divided the church of Jesus Christ. The men of old that had fasted and prayed, and who had power with God to perform miracles of healing, had either died, or had been martyred. The younger generations discontinued the use of fasting.

Matt. 9:15: “The days will come, when the Bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast. How many “Children of the Bridegroom” are obeying Christ’s command, “then shall they fast”? It is here that our Lord lays upon us, as the children of the bridegroom the duty of fasting: “When the Bridegroom shall be taken from them, then shall they fast.” And as long as our Bridegroom tarries, just so long should we continue to fast, until that happy day when He returns and fasting need be no more.

 It wasn’t as necessary to fast while Jesus was here on earth, because He had fasted to obtain the more perfect faith. After He left we could have had through FASTING the same power and FAITH that His visible presence gave. 


Many, if not all, the American Indian tribes sought revelation of the Great Spirit through Prayer and Fasting. When they had famines, food shortages, lack of rain, etc., the Great Spirit was sought through prayer and fasting, and their prayers were answered. In certain tribes nearly all Indian children who came to the age of puberty were set aside in prayer CHILDREN FAST and a fast of seven ‘to ten days, to burn out, so to speak, the evil sex desires, so that they would have high moral thoughts, and live a high spiritual life. As they grew and developed into manhood or womanhood the practice of fasting was continued. Is not this a lesson for the American home of today? If this method were taught and put into practice in our day, we would not see as many disobedient sons and daughters who are the source of such grief and heartaches to their parents.

A survey was recently disclosed by a writer of the well-known periodical, the “Presbyterian,” which reveals facts that are alarming: Out of 49,000,000 young people in the United States, 36,000,000 have never set foot inside any church, of any creed. This same writer in another survey, learned from questionnaires sent to 55,000 children of school age that 16,000 of them had never heard of the Ten Commandments, let alone quote the Lord’s Prayer. 


Fasting is beneficial to children. When a child becomes ill, very often several meals, or several days fasting, will fix up everything. Many children as they grow and eat rich foods develop a pimpled complexion. The source of the condition is in the stomach. The stomach tries to unload its poisonous material in the blood, and to some extent through the skin. Only a few days of fasting will eradicate all traces of the symptoms. If proper eating is undertaken, it should not return. Scores of minor and major ailments of young people could be whipped by a short fast. Girls would not find it necessary to wear “make-up,” if they would fast and pray more. A natural, healthy complexion would be the result.

Babies quite frequently suffer from over-feeding rather than under-feeding. If one considers how small a baby is, and analyzes the great quantity of food that is given to him, in proportion to the food of an adult, one would find it enormous. Adults would have to drink twenty-one quarts of milk daily, to be the equivalent of a baby’s food. The “colic,” “gases in the stomach,” “belching,” “vomiting,” “diarrhea,’ and many other baby disturbances can be quickly eliminated by a fast of one or more meals. 


Dear Brother Hall:

I am a Methodist minister who received your book two years ago.

After fasting and praying ten days for a revival in three Methodist churches that 1 am in charge of, God stirred and sent revivals in our midst. The Lord richly blessed us in many ways. A Roman Catholic and his Protestant wife were among those gloriously saved.

In one of my churches an Italian lady to whom I gave one of your books, went on a fast of twenty-three days for her old Catholic mother who came from the old country, was blind, and about to die. She was praying to beads and images. She became interested in Jesus and learned how to pray to the Lord. Finally she was gloriously saved.

The lady who fasted twenty-three days was hopelessly afflicted with kidney stones. The doctor could do nothing for her, and said an operation would be necessary. Well praise the Lord; she has not had an attack since her fast two years ago.

Before I became acquainted with fasting, my people said, “We have never heard of fasting.” I said, “Bless your heart, have you never read your Bible?”

Pray for me as I work in these Methodist churches, and kindly send a good supply of pamphlets on fasting.

Yours in Him,

R.B. Krape, Woodhine,
R.F.D. No. 1. Eldora, N. J. 

We urge you to obtain the author’s book, ‘Glorified Fasting,” This is volume two of the set of five different books. “Glorified Fasting” gives the “whys,” “whats,” “whens,” and “wherefores” of Fasting. It goes completely into this subject in a different manner and approaches it from a different viewpoint.    

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Chapter IV. Jesus’ fast.

Three of the most highly developed spiritual giants of the Bible are three who fasted for the full length of FORTY DAYS. First and foremost is our Lord Jesus Christ who “was led up of the Spirit into the wilderness, and when He had fasted forty days and forty nights . . .” Second, we have the mightiest spiritual giant of the entire Old Testament, Moses, who “was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water,” and who, on a second occasion, “fell down before the Lord forty days and forty nights; I did neither eat bread, nor drink water.” And third, we have the mighty prophet Elijah, that called down the “fire of the Lord that consumed the burnt sacrifice,” and “who prayed earnestly that it might not rain, and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months,” and we read of him that he went without eating, “in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God.” When the apostle James wanted to select a man who was an example of “effectual fervent prayer,” he chooses Elijah, a man who could go for forty days without eating. It is the man who fasts, who has the spiritual character that can pray through on a really big job. When God said that He would destroy the whole Israelite nation for their sin, it is “Moses His chosen,” who fasted forty days, and “stood before Him in the breach, to turn away His wrath, lest He should destroy them.” Psalm 106:23. 
Other folk of great importance and high spirituality that fasted during long periods when they were under great mental strain and tribulation are Anna the prophetess, David, Daniel, John the Baptist, and Paul. A close study of their lives shows they gained great spiritual strength by fasting and prayer that otherwise they would not have received. 
Fasting was part and parcel of the very life of Christ, and yet this very essential part of Christian life has been ignored by many Christians as if it were an unsolved mystery. It was never meant to be hidden, and should never have been so overlooked. This may explain why we have not had a more complete outpouring of the latter rain. Surely such a stupendous truth cannot continue to be a secret hidden in plain sight for over nineteen hundred years. The strides and progress of man in other channels have been so enlightening and progressive. Surely we feel that it is time, long past due, for all to “labor for Christ,” in whom are hidden all treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Try this truth that gives such a treasure-house of riches and strength. We do not fast to merit favor from God or as a penance. 
We read that “Jesus was led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.” And the very next sentence tells us that He fasted. Why did He fast at the very time He was being tempted? For we read in Luke’s Gospel that He was “forty days tempted,” and in those same forty days “He did eat nothing.” What is the connection between temptation and fasting? Is it not that fasting is the mightiest possible preparation of soul, to insure victory over temptation? And would we not do well to follow our Lord’s example, and avail ourselves of this mighty weapon with which to meet and overcome him “who goeth about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”? 
We are not told in Matthew, chapter four, the reason for His fast. But in Matthew, chapter seventeen, Jesus explains it. Before this time His disciples were not able to bear this teaching. The great revelation of why He fasted was shown when He healed this lunatic boy, and answered the question that the disciples had asked Him: “Why could not we cast him out?” Matt. 17:19. 
Please remember that Christ, as well as being God, was also in the flesh as man. 
It seemed that the disciples had become a reproach, or disgrace to Christ, because they could not heal this individual. They apparently were ashamed of themselves so they came to Jesus secretly, to ask of Him the reason why they were not able to cast out the demons. Then the secret of Jesus’ fast was revealed, and He showed to them and to us what “Super-Atomic Power” one can have. Anyone can have that power, thank the Lord. All can have it that will follow the instructions given by Him, and plainly taught throughout the Bible. “Have Faith as a grain of mustard seed . . . and nothing shall be impossible unto you . . . by prayer and fasting.” Matt. 17:20, 21.
 The disciples were helpless. No one could give help in this major prayer problem except One. That Person had fasted forty days and forty nights, and He was the only one in the midst who had so fasted. Praise His name! 

However, Jesus clearly shows that anyone who had had a prayer and fasting experience could cast out the evil spirit, for He says, “This kind cometh out by prayer and fasting.” Our Lord teaches here the big difference between prayer alone, and prayer, combined with fasting.

In that momentous struggle of forty days of fasting JESUS had AVAILED HIMSELF OF THE MOST POWERFUL AID AT HIS DISPOSAL. Jesus fasted in order to secure His perfect faith from His humanity side, and He urged fasting upon His disciples to remedy their weak faith. He declared that they would fast, using the words, “Then will they fast,” and gave directions in Matthew chapter six, which are intended to insure to all of His followers the same benefits of fasting which He obtained. The disuse of fasting is in direct opposition to the practice, example, and the teaching, of Christ.

There is no record of Christ healing the sick, or performing any miracle, until after he had fasted forty days and forty nights. After this mighty fast, and not before, He was fully equipped, capable, and prepared for any and all emergencies. At this moment, how much Faith have you at your disposal, to meet any obstacle?  

When Jesus was twenty-one years old the record shows He had not yet performed a miracle. At twenty-five, he still had no healings, miracles, and no manifestation of His Divine Sonship. He became twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight and twenty-nine years of age, and yet, no miracles or manifestations. Why? He had not received the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and had not spent forty days fasting. It was necessary for Jesus to be prepared and have all the spiritual equipment, before He went forth to perform His mighty works.

Satan’s rage knew no bounds at the conclusion of Christ’s fast, and he sought ways and means to subdue Him. Christ could not have been tempted by something He did not need. But we read that “when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He was afterward an hungered.” Now, Jesus could turn these stones into bread and yield to an appetite similar to the one Eve yielded to in the Garden of Eden. The answer that Jesus gave was not only an answer to Satan, but throws a challenge to all humanity: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Matt. 4:4. 

Jesus received the Holy Spirit, but this did not seem sufficient. It requires fasting and prayer to operate the Holy Ghost. 

Jesus, at thirty years of age, only after praying and fasting forty days and forty nights, began to manifest Himself as the Son of God with all power, signs, and wonders. There was such an awakening! Fasting is the most powerful means at the disposal of every child of God. Fasting literally becomes prayer to the praying Christian, prayer that is as different as an atomic bomb compared to an ordinary bomb. Prayer alone is like the ordinary bomb, and the fast with prayer, is comparable to the Super-Atomic Bomb. 

Jesus knew the positive value of prayer and fasting, and was confident that they were the only means to the end that He sought. Jesus fasted in order that prayer might become prayer in the highest sense—might reach its highest intensity. He blazed the way that we are to follow. Although Jesus knew He was the Son of God, this assurance was stamped more indelibly upon Him by the prayer and fasting of forty days.

Satan was not too much interested in Christ until He was ready to MANIFEST HIS SONSHIP. Then and only then, after His forty-day fast, was Satan right on the job, ready to assail Him in every way that he could. If Christ was immune, and could not have sinned or yielded to Satan at this time, then this would have been the greatest farce that the world has ever seen. Surely, Christ could have yielded to this temptation. Satan knew that He could, and set about to try Him. Jesus Christ, with fasting back of Him, was well prepared for the attack. We are so thankful that although Jesus was tempted and tried in every manner, as we are, yet He did not yield to temptation; He victoriously overcame Satan. We can likewise be an over-comer.

Fasting and praying, then, aids us in overcoming temptations and trials, and prepares us to meet the attacks of the enemy. 



At nineteen years of age I was dying with the flu. My temperature was 106 degrees! It was on this death bed that I surrendered completely to God. I promised the Lord I would preach the Gospel, if He would heal me. Then I was caught up to heaven for twelve hours, and saw the glories of that wondrous land. When I came back I was perfectly healed, ready to work for Him who raised me up so miraculously.  Praise His name!

Even at that young age, God said, “If I would be faithful in fasting and praying, He would raise up workers all over the world in their own tongues.” He also gave me Mark 10:29-30 as a call to travel and do exploits in His name. I was shown many other things as I started my life with fastings and praying like Paul. Many times my fastings were from three days to a week and longer. In some of my fasts the Lord gave me much revelation concerning the time we live. In the beginning of my Christian experience, while on a two-week’ fast, I cried and prayed until Jesus became so real that one night He appeared in my room. The room was all lighted up, brighter than the sun! Jesus stood at the foot of my bed, and around Him was a light much brighter than the sun. This great experience was very impressive and for a long time I seemed to be walking on air. Shortly after that, while fasting for five days, the Lord filled me with a peculiar experience. A missionary from Rome told me that I was speaking a message, and glorifying and praising the Lord in his Italian language. Yet I had never spoken Italian before. It must have been the Holy Spirit talking. The missionary interpreted what I was saying into English.

After giving up my job, 1 went on a partial fast for three months, eating only once a day. The Lord gave me intercession for souls.

After praying and fasting seven days to see sinners converted, and to ask the wonderful Lord to give me more of Him, the Lord sent a revival meeting to Dayton, Ohio, where the Lord healed a multitude of sick folk and converted many souls. My prayer was also answered in another way when a lady gave me Dr. Franklin Hall’s book on fasting and prayer. This deeper fasting experience was what I wanted. I was now able to fast longer than a week or two. I was so burdened for sinners, and that their bodies might be healed, that 1 could hardly sleep at night. With my longer fasting I could get greater victories for my intercession. I could see what God will do when multitudes begin to fast. Jesus showed me that before long there would be workers all over the world who would fast and travail for souls. This would bring great revivals, yes, greater than the world has ever seen, even greater than when Jesus was here. It would seem unbelievable in the natural, if it were not for this Word: “The works that I do shall ye do also; and greater works than these shall ye do; because 1 go unto my Father.” John 14:12.

After fasting forty days without food, with Jesus strengthening me, I saw many more miracles and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. I saw the “dry bones” of Ezekiel take life. As I continued to agonize and weep for lost souls, the spirit of heaviness was upon me to such an extent that it seemed that my spirit would leave the body. I saw, in a vision, thirty thousand souls appear before me, finding Christ as their Savior, in a coliseum in Detroit, Michigan. (SINCE THIS REVELATION TO BROTHER BARTH, THERE HAVE COME TO DETROIT SOME MIGHTY HEALING-SALVATION-OUTPOURINGS, through Sister Beal, Brother William Branham, Brother T. Osborn, Brother G. Lindsay, Brother F. Bosworth and LITTLE DAVID.) I saw, in a vision, another 10,000 find Jesus in an open field. Many churches, auditoriums and big tents were packed. A mighty revival is coming through fasting and prayer, but I was shown how the wealthy Laodicean churches were dealt out judgment. Their false leaders were given the judgment of Ananias and Sapphira, when they lied to the Holy Spirit.

When I was reading Brother Hall’s books on fasting, the sweetest incense came down from heaven, setting a seal of approval upon them. They present a teaching of Jesus Christ that, if followed, will truly bring a world revival among dying and lost humanity. I believe this is Jesus Christ’s truth, and it is the message of the hour for cold, sleepy and backslidden Christians.

Your Brother in Christ,

Leonard Barth, 1776 Cherry St.
Youngstown 8, Ohio. 


“And He humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that He might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live.” Deut. 8:3. This depicts in a wonderful manner how God sought to change the environment of the children of Israel that they might be transformed from the habits and lusts of the old environment of the land of Egypt, and made ready for the new environment of the land of Canaan. Much spiritual preparation was needed before they would be prepared to enter the new land of promise. The bondage of Egyptian environment was rooted in their minds, bodies and souls. They still lusted after the old things of sin, their old habits, and the traditions of the world. Because they failed to accept the forced fast that was put upon them by an all-loving and wise Lord, they were required to break down this environment the hard, long way. By failing to fast and break down the bondage of environment in a few days time, and then march right into the promised land, they were consequently compelled to march around in circles for forty years, as many of us are doing today, that the flesh might be broken, and that the old stubborn, bound individuals might die, before taking the promised land.

We too can miraculously change our Christian environment in ten days or more of fasting. It would otherwise require many long years. It might be doubtful if much progress could be made, the long way. 


Dear Brother Hall:

I can never tell you in words what the teaching of fasting and prayer, as set forth in your book, “Atomic Power with God,” has meant to me. I was earnestly seeking more on this subject, when this book fell into my hands. I simply devoured its great truth, backed by the Word of God. Immediately I went on a consecration fast; God came on the scene, and shortly I received gifts of healing.

I feel that you have the message of the hour, the one that will awaken the sleeping church, and cause men and women to become stirred to the realization that Jesus is coming soon. God is- pouring out His gifts of the Spirit in these days. I attribute the success of my ministry to the message God gave you on fasting and prayer that you so generously made ‘many sacrifices to give to the body of Jesus Christ.

Your Sister in His service,

Evangelist Thelma Nickel, 405 5. Wheeling Ave., Tulsa 4, Oklahoma. 


All Christians are delighted to read the Psalms; they encourage us to press onward. They are filled with scores of promises and blessings for believers. The Psalms are a product of Fasting and Prayer. The sublime utterances in the Psalms are not exaggerations, as has been asserted by some. Only in the realm of higher receptivity made possible by prayer and fasting, is the soul able to receive such revelations as Psalms 35:13; 69:10; Psalm 78:18-32;107:17-18 and 109:22-26; II Sam. 12:16-23. 

David sought God in long fasts; in fact he fasted so long at times, that he looked like a skeleton. Psalm 109:23, “I am tossed up and down as the locust. My knees are weak through fasting; and my flesh faileth of fatness. I became a reproach unto them: when they looked upon me, they shaked their heads.” So much fat was lost that he actually became a reproach to look at; his friends and neighbors shook their heads. No doubt some ceased to be his friends and began criticizing; this is just what happens today when an individual seeks GOD long enough in fasting and prayer. Some people say we should always go into the desert or wilderness to fast, like Moses and Christ. That is good, but here is an instance in which David did not care who saw him. (This fast is also prophetical of Christ’s 40-day fast.) 

David must have fasted forty days or longer, to have lost so much weight. David was not interested in what people thought of his appearance. He fasted in mourning and humbleness; he was only interested in how he could please God, and reach HIM. I have seen many folk who fasted longer than forty days, yet they looked better than this description of David.

As certain as we “labor for the meat above,” we shall not stand in very high favor with the world. When we enter into the spirit of fasting and prayer, we are not interested in what others say about us. We are after that which is worth more than silver and gold. If you fast and pray, and really get into the spirit of it, your prayers may seem more difficult at times, than when you are praying without fasting. The main victories are usually attained after fasting. In the battle you are progressing further, with higher moun-tains to climb, darker places to penetrate, higher walls to surmount, and deeper depths to plow through. (See Chart No. VII, Hindrances and Obstacles.) Psalm 35:13: “I humbled my soul with FASTING; and my PRAYER RETURNED INTO MY BOSOM.” Fasting is not something to glory in, or to be puffed up about. Along with the fast we are to go down into humility, disregarding what people think and say. It should be a time of real weeping and mourning. Our unworthiness should be realized, and the farther down we go, the higher will our Christian experience rise. It will be a great spiritual fight all the way through.

I wish to state that some children of the Lord fail to press into the proper place of prayer, along with the fast, just because they find it difficult to pray. But that is no reason for not praying. Your prayers will absolutely blast through to heaven, if you settle down to do it, and labor at the job, and “ask” and “seek” and “knock,” as Jesus told us to do. The Devil will be around to hinder, and prevent you from accomplishing your purpose, but PRAY THROUGH, FAST THROUGH, and press your way through till you open heaven. Shorter prayers under the influence of fasting, are far more effective than longer prayers when off the fast. We are in a channel of prayer, while fasting that leads directly to the throne. The ear of God is open to hear the prayer of His fasting saint.

Usually, the first few days of a fast are the most difficult time to pray, because the weakness of the body has not gone, and the body has not been cleansed. Pray as much as possible, as long as possible, and as fervently as possible, regardless of lack of strength, and when you get over “the hump,” it becomes easier to fast and pray; generally speaking, you get stronger physically. You can gradually put yourself into it, devoting more time to prayer; then the fast itself actually becomes prayer. Please bear this in mind when fasting. A Christian then has such power, that these obstacles mentioned will seem easier and easier to surmount, as one presses on to more and greater obstacles, all of which will be victoriously overcome, and a continual growing power, greater than ever, will be felt by the person, as long as he or she stays in the center of God’s will.

Those employed, or who are working at various jobs, will find it difficult to spend all the time seeking God in prayer. But you can still secure very desirable results, and the Lord will bless you much, if you can keep in a spirit of prayer while you work. If one’s work is extremely burdensome, it will be difficult to fast and concentrate in prayer. Sometimes a person on a job has begun a fast, and a time of prayer, and has become so lost in the spirit of prayer that nothing matters but Jesus Christ, and they lose interest in their work, and everything else around them, to such an extent that they receive a special call of God for their life work. 
Some years ago, a shoe cobbler did this very thing. He was living in Denver, Colorado. After fasting and praying for forty days, the power of God became so real and precious, that he gave up his shoe business, started preaching on the street corners, and blessing sick people through the healing ministry of Christ. Hundreds of sick people were prayed for daily, and many miraculously healed. Blind eyes were opened; deaf ears were unstopped; deaf and dumb spoke; ulcers, cancers, arthritis, and tuberculosis cases, were gloriously healed. The lame leaped for joy. Wheel chairs, beds, crutches and braces were left, behind by the ones that were healed in Jesus’ name. All this in answer to the prayers of an individual who caught a revelation through prayer and fasting for forty days.

Every minister owes it to his congregation to be at his best; every evangelist owes it to the people in each revival; every teacher owes it to his pupils; and every Christian to his brethren, to be at his best spiritually; and we have seen that this can only be attained through prayer with fasting. Prayer be-comes illuminated, and fasting makes prayer as powerful as dynamite. 


No, not necessarily, for the simple reason that if we waited for God to lay a fasting burden upon us, there probably would be no fasting or very little. Fasting is like praying. We pray when there is a need, without waiting for a burden of prayer. We should also fast when there is a need, and because it is our Christian duty. In Mark 2:20, Jesus has already laid a fast upon us in these words, “Then shall they fast in those days.”

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Chapter I           Atomic power with God.
Chapter II         What is fasting? Drink water while fasting. Lust hunger.
Chapter III       The background for revival. Fasting for the home. Indian tribes practice fasts. Fasting for children. Methodist minister gets churches revived.
Chapter IV       Jesus’ fast. Fasting for 40 days seems mighty Detroit revival. Fasting causes change in environment. Environment changed. Spiritual gifts received. David’s fast. Should I wait for God to lay a fast burden upon me?

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Chapter V         The four appetites. Sex appetite. Three appetites leave.
Chapter VI       The four great essentials.
Chapter VII      How to fast.  Salt water flush.  Miseries of fasting. How long should we fast? Pastor fasts 10 days and 300 converted.
Chapter VIII    Fasting in relation to the physical body. The four means used in house cleaning. The Bible is ahead of science. The blood at work.
Chapter IX        The proper care in breaking the fast.
Chapter X         Results of fasting and praying. Faith parallels fasting. Faith. The confession organ.
Chapter XI        Divine healing continuator. Divine tangible substance.


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