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We owe an enormous debt to the revivalists and pioneers of past generations, those 'flames of fire' whose hearts were ablaze with the power of the Holy Spirit. Their lives were wholly dedicated to seeking the Kingdom of God and He rewarded their zeal for His cause.

We should also recognise those from succeeding generations who, with equal dedication, penned their biographies and recorded their great exploits for God.

These pensketches of revivals and revivalists have been written to provide easy access to these giants of God who have ploughed a furrow for successive generations to follow.

As you read these stories of revivals, and the men and women who God used to advance His Kingdom, may the Lord who energized them grant you revelation of the basic and achievable principles which underlie all the great outpourings of the past.

As we respond to the challenge of their dedicated and Spirit-filled lives, we too may become in our day pioneers of the greatest revival of all time.

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