Leadership Resources

These Leadership Resources are to help pastors promote prayer and expectation for revival in their local churches.

Please feel free to use any of these materials in whatever way you wish. They are not copyrighted and you do not need to acknowledge the Revival Library whether they are used in written or spoken form.

They are presented here to bless and encourage local church leaders to cultivate a spiritual expectancy and passion within the heart of their congregations as the whole church rises together to seek God for an end-time harvest. Most of the resources are to help pastors and preachers to communicate the message of revival and to educate and inspire their congregations to pray and believe for a great outpouring of His Spirit in local churches.

The sermons can be used as they are or can be suggestive of themes you might like to develop yourself. The quotes and anecdotes will help bring your messages to life.

The Practical Steps to Promote Revival are not offered as fail-safe methodologies but rather as suggestive themes that others have found to be the major keys of revivals. These should be prayed through and considered carefully before implementing systematically in a local church. Hearing from God and obeying Him are always of paramount importance in God's work.

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